Marriage Certificate. Свидетельство о браке


Citizen Petrov Alexey Petrovich, Russian, date of birth September 15, 1980, place of birth Blagoveshensk City, Amurskaya Region, Russia and citizen Ivanova Maria Ivanovna, Russian, date of birth January 12, 1985, place of birth Retuzka settlement, Tambovsky Area, Amurskaya Region, Russia entered into a marriage on February 14, 2001 that...

is registered in the civilian registry book record №123 from February 30, 2001.

After marriage the husband has received the family name Petrov, wife — Petrova.

Place of state registration: Registry office of Blagoveshensk City and Blagoveshensky Area.

Date of issue: February 14, 2004

Head of registry office O. V. Gazzaeva [signature][stamp]

I-OT № 543955

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Marriage Certificate. Свидетельство о браке