Nowadays people seem to read newspapers mostly. Many people are fond of reading detective stories or spy thrillers. I myself prefer books about politics, history, travel-books and biographies. It is my dream to become a student of the department of foreign languages and to be able to read the books

Speed, excitement, danger. You can find all these in the different extreme sports that have become popular last 10 years. Take bungee jumping. You jump off a bridge and you fall and fall, and then, just before you hit the ground or water, an elastic rope pulls you back. In

Every city has one or more zoos. For a while, people think that a zoo is no useful purpose. If I were faced with this issue, I would think that zoos are useful. In the following discussion, I would like to reason and provide evidence to support my viewpoint. The

Our classroom is situated on the second floor of our school building. It is very light because it has three big windows and the walls are covered with light green wallpaper. The windows look to the south that’s why in spring and early autumn it can be quite hot. From

Moscow is the capital of Russia. It was not always the capital. In ancient times the capitals of Russia were also Kiev and Novgorod. After Peter the Great built Saint-Petersberg it was the Russian capital. And in the XX century during the Civil war first Soviet government moved to Moscow.

It is necessary to say that great contribution to the development of the world science and culture, literature, music and painting was made by the Russian people. The names of Russian scientists and writers, poets, composers and painters are world-famous – Pushkin, Lermontov, Chehov, Levitan. This chain can be endless.

A friend of mine is my former schoolmate. Her name is Ann. She lives in a nice cottage. It’s a stone house. In front of it there is a green lawn and a flower bed with roses. In the yard they have a garage. The house is not very large.

Употребление наркотиков серьезное заболевание современного общества, оказывающее губительное влияние на целые группы населения и отдельные семьи по всему миру. Но что гораздо страшнее, большой процент употребляющих наркотики – это молодые люди, неспособные осознать риск, которому они себя подвергают. Каждый год употребление наркотиков выливается в миллионы заболеваний и несчастных случаев. Употребление

Getting a job is a very hard period in the life of most people. Companies choose an employee from hundreds of candidates according to special rules, that is why there are special “typical” factors, influencing on employer”s choice. Among such factors are: age, sex, experience, family background and marital status,

Этим летом я сдаю выпускные экзамены. Что касается моей будущей профессии, я могу сказать, что уже сделала свой выбор. Я хочу быть преподавателем иностранного языка. Работа учителя иностранного языка чрезвычайно разностороння. Обучение языку – первостепенная задача. Но что гораздо важнее, на уроках иностранного языка обучающиеся учатся думать. Кроме того, преподаватель

Ireland is an island on the west side of Europe. The capital of Ireland is Dublin. There are about 5 million people in the Republic of Ireland. It is a small country but a lot of people know about it. In many countries there are Irish priests and nuns. People

When did man first begin to think of space travel? Man began to think of space travel in the second century A. D. At that time a Greek, Lucian of Samos, wrote a fantastic story about a man who was carried to the Moon by a storm. In his second

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