I strongly agree that classmates are more influential to a child»s success at school than parents. This I support with the following reasons. A child spends so much time with his classmates at school. They study together, play together, and write exams together. Psychologists agree that during their first yearsRead More →

Вода повсюду. Она является неотъемлемой частью всех живых существ, но нет в целом мире моря или океана, которые бы не использовались как помойная яма. Загрязнение водоемов не только уничтожает крупные популяции птиц, рыб и животных, но также в ряде направлений негативно влияет и на человека. Через несколько лет на ЗемлеRead More →

I am always amazed when I hear people saying that students have no rights to evaluate their teachers, and that if they do so, they should be regarded as dishonest. Even one did not know from concrete examples that schools should ask students to voice what they think of theirRead More →

Санкт Петербург — второй крупнейший город России с населением в 4,6 миллиона человек. Он расположен на реке Нева в верней части Финского залива Балтийского моря. Другими названиями города были Петроград и Ленинград. Город был основан царем Петром 1 в 1703. С того времени и до 1918 года он был столицейRead More →

Much was done by people to reach the present state of human development. It is necessary to say that great contribution to the development of the world science and culture, literature, music and painting was made by the Russian people. The names of Russian scientists and writers, poets, composers andRead More →

When we think of Paris, Rome, Madrid, Lisbon and other European capitals, we think of them as «cities». When we think of the whole of modern London, the capital city of England and the United Kingdom, that great area covering several hundred square kilometres, we do not think of itRead More →

К сожалению, перевод временно недоступен, но Вы можете скачать тему на английском языке ниже Перевод на английский язык Nowadays it’s obvious that our environment is in great danger. Various unfavourable factors have created such problems as massive deforestation, ozone depletion, acid rain and global warming. However, in recent years, peopleRead More →

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