Education is one of the holiest occupations in my view. I disagree with that teachers should be paid according to how much their students learn. Although teachers are important for students, the most important part for learning knowledge is students themselves. Different teachers has different style, so it is hardRead More →

This school-year at our English out side reading lessons we had read many interesting stories about Robin Hood. The most interesting story is a story about Golden Arrow. In the 11th century England was conquered by the Normans who had come from the North of France. They began to takeRead More →

It goes without saying that I prefer to have meals at home. At the weekend I like to get up late and have a good breakfast of scrambled eggs, or pancakes, or something like that. But on weekdays I’m always short of time in the morning. So I just haveRead More →

My favorite foreign writer is O. Henry. He was born in 1862. O. Henry is one of the most widely published American authors. His works have been translated into many languages. The best of his stories were published in books: »Cabbages and Kings», «The 4 million», «Heart of West» andRead More →

Джон Голсуорси родился в Суррее 14 августа 1867. Его отец был богатым адвокатом. И хотел, чтобы Джон стал юристом. Поэтому он обучался в Харроу и изучал закон в Нью колледж, Оксфорд. Однако некоторое время спустя Джон понял, что он обожает литературу и сказал об этом отцу. Его литературная карьера началасьRead More →

Позвольте представиться. Меня зовут Боб. Мне шестнадцать лет и я учусь в одиннадцатом классе средней школы. В этом году я собираюсь поступать в Политехнический университет, поэтому уделяю особое внимание таким школьным предметам как математика, физика и химия. Я надеюсь успешно сдать экзамены. Я живу со своими родителями и старшей сестройRead More →

Wales is a country situated in the West of Britain. St. David is the patron saint of Wales. On the 1-st of March, St. David’s Day, patriotic Welsh people wear a leek or a daffodil, both symbols of Wales. The population of Wales is about three million. The area ofRead More →

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