Since ancient times Nature has served man, being the source of his life. For thousands of years people lived in harmony with environment and it seemed to them that natural riches were unlimited. But with the development of civilization man’s interference in nature began to increase. Every year world industryRead More →

St. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It was founded in 1703 by Peter the Great as the «Window on Europe.» St. Petersburg was the capital of Russia from 1712 till 1918. The city was built on theRead More →

People say that I’m a sociable person. It’s true. I make friends easily and have a lot of acquaintances. But if I had to choose among all my friends I would prefer Dan. He is the most honest and responsible guy I’ve ever known. I’m sure that I can relyRead More →

Окружающая среда удивительна и многообразна. На эту тему можно общаться часами. Она затрагивает удивительный мир, окружающей нас природы, животных и экологические проблемы. В данном разделе вы найдете большое количество интересных рассказов и текстов на тему «Окружающая среда». Вы сможете отразить разнообразные проблемы, поговорить о животных и дикой природе и многомRead More →

Canada is a country with rapid growth of the population. It is mainly concentrated in large cities. The most important among them is the capital of the country, Ottawa. It is situated on the picturesque bank of the Ottawa River. One third of its population is descendants of English andRead More →

At present the British royal family is headed by Queen Elizabeth. When the Queen was born on the 21st of April 1926, her grandfather, King George V, was on the throne and her uncle was his heir. The death of her grandfather and the abdication of her uncle brought herRead More →