Northern Ireland, integral part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, is situated in the northeastern portion of the island of Ireland. Northern Ireland is bounded on the north and northeast by the North Channel, on the southeast by the Irish Sea, and on the south andRead More →

Ireland is an island on the west side of Europe. The capital of Ireland is Dublin. There are about 5 million people in the Republic of Ireland. It is a small country but a lot of people know about it. In many countries there are Irish priests and nuns. PeopleRead More →

Уэльс – часть Соединенного Королевства. Страна граничит с Англией на востоке и омывается Атлантическим океаном и Ирландским морем на западе. Уэльс – не очень большая страна с населением около трех миллионов человек. В Уэльсе два официальных языка – валлийский и английский, обоим из которых обучают в школе. Ландшафт Уэльса поRead More →

New Yorkers used to see the graffiti on the walls of poor neighbourhoods and subway trains as something menacing and an example of urban decay. The scrawled names and slogans were seen as unsightly and aggressive, the work of vandals seeking to express their identities or even make a politicalRead More →

Перевод темы по английскому языку “Работа по дому” : Наша семья довольно большая. В ней пять человек: моя мама, мой папа, моя бабушка, моя младшая сестра и я. Я думаю, это честно, что каждый член семьи имеет свои домашние обязанности. Моя мама обычно ходит по магазинам, потому что только онаRead More →

Russia is situated in Europe and in Asia. It’s total area is over 17 million square kilometers, with population of 200 million people. There are 1,030 towns and cities in this country. Moscow, with 9,5 million people, is it’s capital. The country is washed by seas and oceans. By ArcticRead More →

The Kremlin is the symbol of first Russian and later Soviet power and authority. Its crenellated red brick walls and 20 towers were built at the end of the 15th century, when a host of Italian builders arrived in Moscow at the invitation of Ivan III the Great. Of theRead More →

At the present time the Earth accommodates more then 5 billion people. Half of which are undernourished. A total of 4 million deaths occur each year from starvation. Mankind has finally realised the threat of an increasing population and has faced the fact that something must be done. The food-supplyRead More →

Elvis Presley, who died at the age of 42 on August 16,1977, will be remembered as one of the earliest and greatest rock and roll singers. His recordings of “Blue Suede Shoes”, “Hound Dog” and “Heartbreak Hotel” will always be classics. To his own generation and to others born afterRead More →

I am too young to have my own family, I am not married yet. My name is Vitaly. My last name is Greezunov. The patronymic is Vadimovich. So my full name is Vitaly Vadimovich Greezunov. I am seventeen years old. I was born on the tenth of May. I amRead More →