Basketball is an extremely popular all around the world. The object is to put a ball through a hoop, or basket, and thus score more points than the opposing team. Teams comprise of ten players, with a maximum of five on court at any one time. Substitutions are unlimited during

The skyscrapers of New York City, the steel mills of Pittsburgh, the automobile assembly lines of Detroit… these symbols of industrial America belong to the Northeast of the country. Millions of Europeans immigrated to this industrial area. It became known as the «melting pot», the fusion of people from many

All people have problems. Some of them have many problems, the others have one or two problems only. Young people have as many problems as the grown-ups. It is possible to solve some problems but sometimes we can not solve this or that problem. The first problem is to choose

The British Museum is a museum in London, founded in 1753. It contains one of the world’s richest collections of antiquities and one of the largest libraries in the world: British Library. The British Museum’s collection of seven million objects representing the rich history of human cultures mirrors the city

My family and me are fond of reading newspapers. At our flat you can always find very much different magazines and newspapers lying everywhere. There are political, economical, informational, reading for mind and other newspapers and magazines about all spheres of life. We don’t like to eject old magazines because

In the past people learnt about news from newspapers. Nowadays people usually learn what is happening in the country and in the world from TV or radio news programmes or from the Internet. Still we cannot imagine our life without newspapers. There are dozens of them on every news-stand. There

Будучи относительно понятием, телевидение — одно из наиболее употребимых слов в современном языке. Это способ передачи и получения информации, занимающий второе по популярности место после Интернета. При помощи телевидения можно быстро узнать прогноз погоды, узнать мнение экспертов о сложившейся политической ситуации, посмотреть интересные фильмы, увидеть мир дикой природы или посетить

A: May I help you? B: Yes, I’m looking for a blouse. A: What’s your size? B: I wear size 12.Could you show me some blouses in this size? A: What colors do you want? B: Yellow and white. A: They are over here. B: What’s the material? A: It’s

Отношение к семейной жизни в Великобритании меняется. В 20-м веке типичная для британцев семья с двумя родителями претерпела значительные изменения. На настоящий момент в Британии самое большое число неполных семей — четверть всех детей проживает с не состоящей в браке матерью. Число неполных семей растет. Основная причина заключается в том,

People are always wondering whether the country or the city is the ideal place to live. If there is one preference-which I take leave to make a conclusion-then it is the country rather than the city that provides people with optimal living conditions. There widespread testimonies for it and the

Speaking about art gallereys of Moscow we must mention the most famous gallereys. The State Tretyakov gallery is one of the best known picture gallereys in Russia. It takes it’s name from it’s founder Pavel Tretyakov, a Moscow mercant. In the 19’th century Tretyakov began to collect russian paintings. He

«Keep your friendship and business relationship separate.» This statement is very popular. There are many people who have personal experience that proves this point. A dollar sign often symbolizes greediness, envy and even crime. That is why many people avoid involving money into their friendship. They try to keep them

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