For some people there is nothing so exciting as traveling, and I’m not an exception. And I’m happy that I have traveled a lot and I hope that my first journey wasn’t the last one. First I bought a ticket for plane. Many people think, that nothing can be compared

Меня зовут Энн Смит и я хотела бы сказать несколько слов о своей семье. Наша семья небольшая, скорее обычная: мой отец, мама, мой младший брат и я. У нас также есть домашние любимцы: щенок и попугай. Если бы вы только могли себе представить, насколько они смешные! Моей маме сорок два

HjThe word “Christmas” is derived from the words “Christ’s Mass” – the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. But although Christmas is undoubtedly a Christian celebration, it is also true to say that it is an unusual combination of pagan and Christian festivities. A Christmas tree stands in everybody’s

My favourite subject is English. English is very important subject as it has become the most used language in politics, science, trade and cultural relations in the world. It is also the language of great literature. Such writers as William Shakespeare, Walter Scott, Charles Dickens and Bernard Shaw wrote in

It is not a secret that today more than 3 billion people live on less than $2.50 a day. Poverty has become global and it causes wars, crimes, violence, and deaths. It causes a situation when 1 child dies every 4 seconds because of lack of food or poor medical

William Somerset Maugham is one of the best known English writers of the 20th century. He was not only a novelist, but also a one of the most successful dramatist and short-story writers. He was born in Paris in 1874. His parents died when he was very little and the

Modern world is becoming smaller all the time. Every day distances between different countries seem less. For this reason it’s becoming more and more important to know different languages, especially English. One billion people speak English today. That’s about 20% of the world’s population. 400 million people speak English as

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is situated on the British Isles. They lie to the north-west of Europe. The British Isles are separated from the continent by the narrow strait of water which is called the English Channel. The United Kingdom consists of four parts: England,

Films and science fiction books have often played with the idea of reproducing exact copies of people. Today, science fiction has become science fact. We have our first real clones, though they are not human beings – yet! The gene revolution began in 1997, when British scientists from Edinburgh University

Not very long ago when people mentioned ballet, they thought of Russian ballet. In fact ballet came to Russia relatively late. It brought traditions from many other countries, mainly from France and Italy. Actually Tsar Nicholas I was ready to spend great sums of money on the dance companies, so

Television plays an important role in our life. It informs people about current events both national and international, the latest achievements in science and culture, and offers some programs, which are both interesting and stimulating. Every day we can see different types of programs on TV. News is broadcast at

Not long ago Russia became a member of the Council of Europe. And what does the term “The Council of Europe” mean? For over 50 years the Council of Europe has been working to build a Europe United on the basis of freedom and democracy, human rights and the rule

When it comes to the issue of the arrangement of the university budget, some people suggest that universities should spend more money on their libraries rather than on student”s sports activities, while others maintain the opposite view. As far as I am concerned, the former point carries more weight. I

William Caxton is the first English printer. He was born in Kent in 1422. His father was a farmer. William did not want to become a farmer like his father. So his father sent him to London. He worked in an office which traded with different countries. William liked to

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