There are four seasons in a year: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Every season is beautiful in its own way. When spring comes nature awakens from its long winter sleep. The days become longer and the nights become shorter. The ground is covered with emeraldgreen grass and spring flowers. The

Young people have a particular relationship with the world. There are many groupings that have interests different from those of the mainstream culture. A particular cultural grouping is a way for young people to express their individuality. By the mid-60s teenagers had begun to form distinct cultural groupings. Most young

A person’s home is as much a reflection of his personality as the clothes he wears, the food he eats and the friends he spends his time with. Everybody has in mind an “ideal house” and an “ideal home”. How do I see my “ideal house”, how do I see

Мой день начинается рано утром. Мой будильник звенит в 7 часов и я просыпаюсь. Я встаю, заправляю постель и иду в ванную принять душ и почистить зубы. Затем я направляюсь на кухню позавтракать с родителями. На завтрак у меня обычно яичница с тостом и стакан апельсинового сока. Мои родителя хотят,

Cinema plays an important role in the life of any society. It is an’available popular form of art. Lots of people find going to the cinema one of the best ways of spending their leisure time. The movie audience is predominantly a young one. Due to numerous video facilities, cinema

Gerard Depardieu is one of the most popular actors. He was born in 1948 in a poor family of a shoemaker in a little town. When he was 16 he came to Paris without any education and without any money. Together with his friend he began to attend the actor

Jonathan Swift was the greatest of English satiriste. His better satire at the contemprorary social order in jeneral and an the policy of English government towards in particular. That’s why the Irish people considered Swift the champion in the struggle for the wealthy and freedom of their country. Jonathan Swift

I agree with the statement that being a member of a group is far better than being leader of the same due to that an individual can adapt certain qualities. Major among them are compromising abilities, sincerity and doing work perfectly free from external pressures. Firstly being a member of

Ford, Henry, american industrialist, best known for his pioneering achievements in the automobile industry. Ford was born on a farm near Dearborn, Michigan, on July 30, 1863, and educated in district schools. He became a machinist’s apprentice in Detroit at the age of 16. From 1888 to 1899 he was

We get wet through when we are caught in a rainstorm without a coat. Sometimes we put on a sweater and then find that the weather has become hot. We do not always know what weather to expect. On TV and radio there are daily weather forecasts. Sometimes, the forecast

The family is very important as a unit in our society. Nothing else but family can be an emotional center of people’s life, can be a transmitter of culture and raising children. Every mother feels great affection for her children and tries to bring them up in a proper way.

Ирландский язык впервые пришел в Ирландию с кельтами во второй половине первого тысячелетия до нашей эры. Ирландский считается кельтским языком, принадлежащим к более крупной семье языков, известной как индоевропейская. Как и все другие языки, ирландский менялся с течением времени. Развитие ирландского языка, начиная с первых дней появления и до настоящего

People are different in many aspects. Some people are always in a hurry to go places and get things done as fast as they can, while others prefer to take their time and live a life at a slower pace. Either way is good, but I choose the first style

Академик Королев – известный ученый и основатель практической космонавтики. Он был крупной фигурой в развитии русской космической программы. Королев родился в 1906 в маленьком украинском городке Житомир в семье учителей. В 1922, когда ему было 15, Королев поехал учиться в профессиональную строительную школу в Одессе, где получил среднее строительное образование.

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