When we want to buy something, we go to a shop. There are many kinds of shops in every town or city, but most of them have a food supermarket, a department store, men’s and women’s clothing stores, grocery, a bakery and a butchery. I like to do my shopping

This school-year at our English out side reading lessons we had read many interesting stories about Robin Hood. The most interesting story is a story about Golden Arrow. In the 11th century England was conquered by the Normans who had come from the North of France. They began to take

Томас Джефферсон и Бенжамин Франклин – две фигуры американской истории, наиболее известные своими взглядами и вкладом в политику Америки на ранних этапах. В дополнение к политическим достижениям, оба были состоявшимися учеными и изобретателями. В то время как оба хотели расширить свои знания и понимание естественного мира, они различались в том,

My favorite book is “The Old Man and the Sea” by Ernest Hemingway. This story is one of the well-known works of the writer. The author depicts the characters of the old man and the boy and their relations very vividly and skillfully. Santiago, the old man, was one of

Интернет – это огромная сеть компьютеров, подключенных друг к другу и обслуживающих миллионы пользователей по всему миру. Широкое распространение Интернет получил в конце 70-х годов прошлого века, когда число его пользователей стало стремительно расти. Интернет очень помогает нам в нашей повседневной жизни. Он выполняет ряд функций. Прежде всего мы можем

Can you imagine what our lives will be like in the year 2050? Perhaps you will be flying off for a holiday on the moon, or maybe you will be taking your dog for a walk in the virtual reality. We recently carried out a survey of 1,000 people from

Football has been called the most popular game in the world, and it certainly has a great many fans in Britain. It is the game that is played nearly in all countries. A team is composed of 11 players: a goalkeeper, backs, half-backs and forwards. The captain of the team

What is “American” food? The answer is that it is part Italian, part British, part German, part Mexican, part Chinese… When people from other countries came to live in the US, they brought different cooking traditions. Some of them opened restaurants. Today Americans enjoy food from all over the world.

Never before in the history of the world have businessmen traveled so much as they do today. It is not surprising because we are living in a world of growing international trade and expanding economic and technical cooperation. Fascinating though it is for tourist, traveling however has become the most

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, this is the full name of the Queen, became queen at the age of 26 when her father, King George VI, died while on an official tour of Kenia in 1952. Quite a number of Brits consider having to play the role of the queen to be

Our family is neither big nor small. I have a mother, a father and a sister. We live together in a flat in one of the industrial districts of Kharkiv. We are an average family. My father Ihor Ivanovych is 45 years old. He is a tall and well-built man

There are four seasons in the year. Each of them brings different weather and different dresses. When it is hot people wear T-shirts and shorts, light blouses and skirts, sport shoes, socks and sandals. In summer people dress like this in Africa, Russia, Canada, Ireland, Great Britain and America. In

Last Tuesday I saw the film “Romeo and Juliet” by Shakespeare. The starring was perfect. Romeo was played by Leonardo DiCaprio. And I’ll try to tell you about this film. In the town of Verona there were two rich families, the Capulets and the Montagues. There was an old quarrel

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