Перевод темы по английскому языку “Москва” : Москва – столица России и ее политический, промышленный, научный, финансовый и культурный центр. Это один из красивейших городов мира и в Москве действительно есть что посмотреть. Здесь также заседает правительство Российской федерации. Город расположен на берегах Москва-реки, которая делит его на районы. Из-за

Маргарет Робертс, дочь бакалейщика, родилась в Грантам, графство Линкольншир 13 октября 1925.Она поступила в Оксфордский университет, а затем стала химиком-исследователем. Позже она изучала юриспруденцию и, в конечном итоге, стала адвокатом. В 1951 она вышла замуж за состоятельного бизнесмена, Дениса Тэтчера, с которым у них было двое детей. Будучи членом Консервативной

Globalization is a controversial issue for business and governments throughout the world. We recognize globalization mainly through its effects. It’s a bit like electricity – we can not see it, but we certainly observe what it does. Globalization can be described as a process by which the people of the

Since the United States was settled by Europeans, it is not surprising that classical music and folk songs were brought over from that continent. Beethoven, Brahms, Debussy, Tchaikovskyi, Stravinskyi, Bach, Mozart and Verdi are but a few names of European composers which are often on orchestra or opera programmes. English,

It is about time somebody exploded that holy old myth about childhood being the most important years of our life. Childhood may certainly be important, but if we compared it with other period if life such as adolescence, I do not see any more importance. First of all, parents are

The big burning ball of gas that holds nine major planets in orbit is not unlike many stars in the universe. The Sun makes up 99.86 percent of the solar system’s mass and provides the energy that both sustains and endangers us. Scientists have lately begun calling its tremendous outpouring

Some people criticize English food. They say it’s unimaginable, boring, tasteless, it’s chips with everything and totally overcooked vegetables. The basic ingredients, when fresh, are so full of flavour that British haven’t had to invent sauces to disguise their natural taste. What can compare with fresh pees or new potatoes

Пабы являются неотъемлемой частью британской культуры. На настоящий момент в Великобритании насчитывается более 61 тысячи пабов, и их количество продолжает расти. The Fighting Cocks официально считается старейшим британским пабом – он существует с 11 века. Пабы имеют традиционные названия, которым более 6 веков. Англичане часто используют пабы как ориентир, когда

Australia, or the Commonwealth of Australia, as it is officially called, is situated on the island continent. It also occupies the Island of Tasmania and some minor islands round the coast of the continent. It is a highly developed industrial-agrarian country. Its area is about 8 million km2. It is

Токио – столица Японии и самый крупный город страны с населением около 8,3 миллиона жителей. Токио является одной из 47 префектур Японии. Он расположен в восточной части основного острова Хонсю и включает острова Изу и Огасавара. Именно в Токио заседает японское правительство и проживает императорская семья. В Токио преобладает влажный

Windsurfing was invented in the mid-sixties by two southern Californian surfers, Hoyle Schweitzer and Jim Drake. Surfers need strong rolling waves, and hate days of calm sea. Schweitzer noticed that on days when waves were not high enough to surf, there was often a strong wind and he set about

The public educational system in Russia incorporates pre-school, general school, specialized secondary and higher education. Pre-school consists of kindergartens and creches. Children there learn reading, writing and arithmetic. But pre-school education isn’t compulsory – children can get it at home. Compulsory education is for children from 6 to 17 years

Next Sunday will be an unusual day for our family. It will be our mother’s birthday. My brother Nick and I decided to go to town and buy a present for her. We shall go to town on Saturday after school to do shopping. We can go to town either

Earth is the third planet from the Sun, and the densest and fifth-largest of the eight planets in the Solar System. It is also the largest of the Solar System’s four terrestrial planets. It is sometimes referred to as the Blue Planet, or by its Latin name, Terra. Home to

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