Great Britain made a great contribution to the science, literature, music and arts of the world. It gave mankind a lot of outstanding scientists, writers and poets, musicians and painters. Thomas More, who lived in the 15th century was an outstanding humanist, scientist and statesman. His work «Utopia» brought himRead More →

Everyone is entitled to have an opinion. When it comes to opinions, though, there is a difference between the majority of people and celebrities like actors, athletes, and rock stars. If you are an average person, only your family and friends care about your opinion. If you are famous, theRead More →

Climate has a very important influence on plants, animals and humans and is different in different parts of the world. Some scientists think that the world is becomming hotter. If you compare Moscow winter and summer temperatures at the beginning of our century and at its end you will seeRead More →

As well as being a global network of networks, the Internet is a global network of people, ideas and information. The Net is as interesting and exciting as the people, organisations, companies, governments and weirdoes that are connected to it. There is another thing that’s exciting about the Internet. LikeRead More →

Talking of making an important change in my school, I»d like to suggest that our education system put more emphasis on the development of learning skills and applications of theories into practice instead of simply learning knowledge from books. The proposal is based on the reasons as follows. For oneRead More →

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