Quick quiz: how many planets orbit our Sun? If you said nine, you’re shy by several thousand. Scientists consider asteroids to be minor planets — some are hundreds of miles wide. The vast majority of asteroids are small, compared with a large one like Ida, this 32-mile-long chunk of stone

Существует большое количество символов, которые представляют Соединенные Штаты Америки. Среди них можно отметить флаг США, известный как Звезды и Полосы, Великую печать США, лысого орла, американскую национальную птицу; Монумент Вашингтона, Мемориал Линкольна, Мемориал Джефферсона, Капитолий, Статую Свободы, Арку Гейтвей, Белый Дом, Зал Независимости, Аламо, Маунт Рашмор, дядю Сэма, мультипликационного персонажа,

We have many holidays in Ukraine but I would like to tell about the main of them. The New Year is my favourite holiday. It is merry to decorate the New Year Tree, to dance near it and to receive presents. Then in a week there is Christmas. In Ukraine

50 years ago people didn’t even heard of computers, and today we cannot imagine our life without them. Computer technology is the fastest-growing industry in the world. The first computer was the size of a minibus and weighed a ton. Today, its job can be done by a chip the

The Constitution is the main law of each state. Each state enters into the Constitution the principles, according to which it lives. That’s why the Constitution is an integral part of the life of each state. The Constitution of Ukraine was adopted on the 28th of June, 1996. It confirmed

There are four theatres in London of notable beauty: the Theatre, the Curtain Theatre, the Rose Theatre and the Swan Theatre. In each of them a different play is daily performed to the audience. Of all the theatres the largest and the most magnificent is the Swan Theatre: for it

In the history of humanity there have always been people whose actions and ideas produced a great impact on the lives of other people. They have made a great contribution to the science, culture, social life of this country. That’s why they are called outstanding. The names of Taras Shevchenko,

St. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It was founded in 1703 by Peter the Great as the «Window on Europe.» St. Petersburg was the capital of Russia from 1712 till 1918. The city was built on the

Alfred Nobel, the great Swedish inventor and industrialist, was a man on many contrasts. He made a fortune but lived a simple life, he was cheerful in company but said in private. A lover of mankind, he never had a family or wife to love him. He was a patriotic

National sports in Great Britain… It is a very interesting question, because many kinds of sport have taken the origin in England. The Englishmen love sports, they are called sports-lovers in spite of the fact that some of them neither play games nor even watch them. They only like to

СПИД или синдром приобретенного иммунодефицита является инфекционным заболеванием, вызываемым вирусом иммунодефицита. Впервые он был обнаружен в США в 1981 году и с тех пор стал крупнейшей мировой пандемией. СПИД — это высокоразвитая форма инфекции, которая после заражения может существовать в организме в скрытой или латентной форме. Люди, зараженные вирусом, называются

О’Генри родился в Гринсборо, маленьком городке в Северной Каролине 11 сентября 1862. Он был одним из самых известных американских новеллистов. Настоящее имя О’Генри было Уильям Сидней Портер. Работы этого писателя отражают особый период в американской литературе — смену столетия. Его кредо было — искусство должно быть правдивым, демократичным, и оно

Britain is a country where leisure time and the sporting life are taken seriously. There is widespread interest in most kinds of sport throughout Britain. The British invented the rules of many of the sports and games now played all over the world. The game of football or soccer was

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