Madam Tussaud’s is the most popular and talked about wax museum in the world. There are wax models of the famous and infamous, both living and dead, from every walk of life. Elvis Presley, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Marilyn Monro, Michael Jackson, Alfred Hitchcock, Charlie Chaplin, the British RoyalRead More →

A: May I help you? B: Yes, I’m looking for a blouse. A: What’s your size? B: I wear size 12.Could you show me some blouses in this size? A: What colors do you want? B: Yellow and white. A: They are over here. B: What’s the material? A: It’sRead More →

.A: Hi. May I help you? B: Yes. What’s the buying rate for euro? A: 1.15 U. S. dollars to the euro. B: Okay. I’d like to change some euro into US dollars, please. A: Sure. How much would you like to change? B: Six hundred euro. A: Very good.Read More →

Children»s development plays a crucial role in building their physical and mental characteristics. It is known that children are able to absorb all necessary information provided by their parents and other adults. Their unlimited curiosity for discovering new interesting facts could help their development, especially in their early ages. WeRead More →

It is well-known that Oscars are awarded by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. It is a professional honorary organization composed of over 6,000 motion picture artists and craftsmen and women. The Academy was organized in May, 1927, as a nonprofit corporation chartered under the laws of California.Read More →

In the midst of a thinly populated wildness there is the foremost natural wonder — Lake Baikal. It is the oldest lake in the world — its age is about 25-30 million years. Scientists estimated that more than 1500 life forms live in and around this lake. They can beRead More →