Both/ both of, neither/ neither of, either/ either of

Слова both, neither и either употребляются, когда речь идет о двух предметах сразу:

– Both stores are very good.

– Neither store is expensive.

– We can go to either store. I don’t care.

– I didn’t like either store.

Слова both/neither/either могут также употребляться с конструкцией of…. В этом случае необходимо использовать the/these/those/my/your/his и т. д.:

Both of the restaurants / both of these restaurants и т. д.

– Both of these stores are very good.

– Neither of the stores we visited was expensive.

– See either of those films. I don’t care.

Both может быть с или без предлога of:

Both her sisters или both of her sisters

После both of / neither of / either of вы можете

употреблять us / you / them:

– Can either of them drive a car?

– I wanted Dill and Jem to stay but neither of them agreed.

Помните, что of очень важен:

– Both of them were very busy.

После neither of… вы можете употреблять глагол как в единственном числе, так и во множественном:

– Neither of the students wants to answer.

– Neither of you has children.

Запомните пары both… and…, neither…nor… и either… or:

– Both Dill and Ann missed the performance.

– We were both tired and hungry.

– Neither Ted nor Sam won the contest.

– He said he would contact me but he neither wrote nor phoned.

– I’m

not sure where he is from. He’s either French or German.

– Either you apologise or I’ll complain on you.

Местоимения both/ neither/ either могут также употребляться без каких-либо дополнительных слов, сами по себе:

– `Is he Spanish or German?’ `Neither. He’s Austrian’.

– `Do you want lemonade or cherry?’ `Either. I don’t mind.’

– He didn’t know which one to choose. He liked both.

Both/ both of, neither/ neither of, either/ either of