Chance and opportunity

Chance of – ing

Мы говорим: `someone has a chance of doing something’ :

– Do you think I have a chance of passing the examination?

– We have a very good chance of winning the match.

Мы также можем сказать any/no/little/much chance:

– I don’t think I have much chance of finding a job.

– He has no chance of passing the examination.

Мы также можем сказать `stand a chance of doing something’:

– He doesn’t stand a chance of passing the examination.

Мы также можем сказать `What are the chances of something?’:

– What are the chances of success?

– What are my chances of passing the examination?

Мы также можем сказать `there is a chance of something happening’ или `there is a chance that something will happen’:

– Is there

any chance of you lending me some money until tomorrow?

– There is a chance that I’ll be late home this evening.

Chance to do something

Мы употребляем `chance to do something’ когда слово chance означает время или возможность сделать что-то.

– `Have you read the book I lent you?’ `No, I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet.’

– We didn’t have much chance to talk to each other when we last met.

– These days I don’t get much chance to watch television. I’m too busy.


Обычно мы говорим `opportunity to do something’ :

– I have the opportunity to study in the United States for a year. Do you think I should go?

– After the lecture there will be an opportunity to ask questions.

Вы можете сказать any/no/little/much/plenty of/more opportunity:

– Do you have much opportunity to speak English?

– We live near the mountains, so we have plenty of opportunity to go skiing.

Не говорите `possibility to do something’:

– I had the opportunity to study in Canada.

Chance and opportunity