For, during, while

For и during

Мы употребляем for + промежуток времени, чтобы сказать СКОЛЬКО ВРЕМЕНИ длится что-то: for a week, for 3 hours, for 100 years.

– He has lived in Paris for three years.

– We have been waiting for you for two hours.

Мы употребляем during + cуществительное, чтобы сказать, КОГДА происходит что-то : during the lesson, during the year, during the past day.

– During the last three monthes he has made great progress in French.

– I fell in love with her during our first talk.

During и while

Мы употребляем такие конструкции как during + существительное, но while + подлежащее + сказуемое. Например:

– I fell in love with her during our first talk.

– I fell in love while we were talking.

While часто употребляется в значении “одновременно” :

– He cooked supper while she lulled the baby to sleep.

While требует после себя настоящее время, даже если действие относится к будущему:

– Will you cook supper while she lulls the baby?

For, during, while