Infinitive or – ing? begin, start, intend, continue, remember, try

Begin, start, intend, continue.

За этими глаголами обычно следуют – ing или to + инфинитив. Таким образом, можно сказать:

– The baby began crying. или The baby began to cry.

– It has started raining. или It has started to rain.

– John intends buying a house. или John intends to buy a house.

– He continued working after his illness. или He continued to work after his illness.

Remember to do и remember doing.

Вы remember to do something перед тем, как сделать. Remember to do something есть противоположность к `forget to do something’:

– I remembered to lock the door before I left but I forgot to shut the windows.

– Please remember to post the letter.

Вы remember doing something после выполнения действия.

I remember doing

something = Я что-то делал и помню об этом:

– I clearly remember locking the door before I left.

– He could remember driving along the road just before the accident happened but he couldn’t remember the accident itself.

Try to do и try doing

Try to do = приложение усилий, попытка сделать что-то:

– I was very tired. I tried to keep my eyes open but I couldn’t.

– Please try to be quiet when you come home. Everyone will be asleep.

Try doing

Try также означает `сделать что-то в качестве проверки, эксперимента’:

– Try some of this juice – perhaps you’ll like it.

– We tried every hotel in the town but they were all full. .

Если за try следует глагол, говорят: try – ing:

– `I can’t find anywhere to live.’ `Why don’t you try putting an advertisement in the newspaper?’

– I’ve got a terrible headache. I tried taking an aspirin but it didn’t help.

Infinitive or – ing? begin, start, intend, continue, remember, try