Infinitive or – ing? like, would like etc

Like, hate, enjoy, can’t bear, dislike, love, mind, can’t stand. За этими глаголами и выражениями часто следует – ingовая форма:

– I enjoy being alone.

– Ann hates flying.

– Why do you dislike living here?

– Tom doesn’t mind working at night.

– I don’t like people shouting at me.

После love и can’t bear можно использовать – ing или to + инфинитив:

– I love meeting people. или I love to meet people.

– She can’t bear being alone. или She can’t bear to be alone.


Часто неважно, говорите вы `I like doing’ или `I like to do’. Например, можно сказать:

– I like getting up early. или I like to get up early.

Обычно говорят `I like doing’, когда

`like’ подразумевает `enjoy’:

– Do you like cooking?

– I don’t like driving.

Если `like’ не означает `enjoy’, употребляется `I like to do’. I like to do something = Я считаю, что сделать что-то будет правильным:

– I like to wash my hair twice a week.

– Tom likes to do the washing-up immediately after the meal.

За would like следует to + инфинитив:

– I would like to be rich.

– Would you like to come to a party?

Обратите внимание на различие в значениях между I like и I would like. I would like является вежливым способом сказать I want.


– I like playing


– I would like to play tennis today.

Можно использовать to + инфинитив также после would love/ hate/ prefer:

– Would you prefer to have dinner now or later?

– I’d love to be able to travel round the world.

Можно также сказать `I would like to have done something’ :

– It’s a pity we didn’t visit Tom. I would like to have seen him again.

– We’d like to have gone on holiday but we didn’t have enough money.

Аналогичная конструкция возможна после would love/ hate/ prefer:

– Poor old Tom! I would hate to have been in his position.

– I’d love to have gone to the party but it was impossible.

Infinitive or – ing? like, would like etc