No/ none/ any No/ any + – one/ – body/ – thing/ – where

No, none, noone, nobody, nothing, nowhere:

– No-one came to see the lonely child.

– No system of government is perfect.

– `Where are you going?’ `Nowhere. I’m staying here.’

– None of this money is mine.

– `What will you do this evening?’ `Nothing.’

Частица not никогда не употребляется с этими словами, так как они уже имеют отрицательное значение:

– I heard nothing.

– Nobody does anything I say.

В середине или в конце предложения чаще всего используется конструкция с отрицательным глаголом:


– I didn’t feel anything

– We haven’t got any money.

– The house isn’t anywhere near here.

– She didn’t meet anyone on

her way.

No и none = not a или not any:

– We had to walk because we had no car.

– I can’t explain it to you. I have no time.

– There were no seats evailable.

None иногда может употребляться сам по себе :

– `How many brothers has he got?’ `None.’

None of употребляется в следующих фпазах: none of these shops, none of my money, none of it/us/you/them.

После none of + слово во множественном числе может употребляться глагол как в единственном числе, так и во множественном.:

– None of the people I met there were friendly to me.

После no-one /nobody часто используются they /them /their:

– Nobody came, did they?

– No-one in the class were ready with their homework.

Any /no могут быть использованы с прилагательными в сравнительной степени :

– Does she feel any better today?

– I’ve waited long enough. I’m not waiting any longer.

– I expected his wife to be young but she is no younger than mine.

No/ none/ any No/ any + – one/ – body/ – thing/ – where