Noun + preposition

Посмотрите на список конструкций существительное + предлог. Иногда и другие предлоги возможны — более подробную информацию см. в хорошем словаре.

A cheque FOR :

— They sent me a cheque for $ 50.

A demand / a need FOR something:

— The firm closed down because there wasn’t enough demand for its product.

A reason FOR something:

— The train was late but no-one knew the reason for the delay.

A rise / an increase / a fall / a decrease IN something:

— There has been an increase in road accidents recently.

An advantage / a disadvantage OF something:

— The advantage of living alone is that you can do what you like.

Однако говорят `there is an advantage in doing something’:

— There are many advantages in living alone.

A cause OF something:

— Nobody knows what the cause of the explosion was.

A photograph / a picture OF someone/something:

— He always keeps a photograph of his wife in his wallet.

Damage TO something:

— The accident was my fault, so I paid for the damage to the other car.

An invitation TO a party / a wedding etc.:

— Did you get an invitation to the party?

A reaction TO something:

— I was surprised at his reaction to what I said.

A solution TO a problem / an answer TO a question / a reply TO a letter/ a key TO a door:

— Do you think we’ll find a solution to this problem.

— The answer to your question is `No’!

An attitude TO/TOWARDS someone/something:

— His attitude to/towards his job is very negative.

A relationship / a connection / contact WITH someone/something:

— Do you have a good relationship with your parents?

— Police want to question a man in connection with the robbery.

Однако: a relationship / a connection / contact / a difference BETWEEN two things:

— Police have said that there is no connection between the two murders.

— There are some differences between British English and American English.

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Noun + preposition