Passive Voice №1

Переделайте предложения, те которые возможно, из действительного в страдательный залог:

1 Her mother drives her to school every day.
…She is driven to school by her mother every day….

2 Paul drives to work every day.
3 I woke up late on Sunday morning.
4 Her mother woke her up at seven o’clock.
5 Sue asked the waiter to bring some water.
6 David asked for some help.
7 Simon is moving house next month.
8 Michael moved the boxes out of the way.
9 Sandra walks on the beach regularly.
10 The boys walk the dog every day.

Ответы к упражнению:

She is driven to school by her mother every day ——— ——— She was woken up at 7 o’lock by her mother The waiter was asked to bring some water ———– ——— The boxes were moved out of the way by Michael ———- The dog is walked by the boys every day

Passive Voice №1