Present perfect continuous

Рассмотрите данный пример:

– Is the tea cattle boiling?

– No, it is not. But the water is quite hot.

– It has been boiling.

– I have been sleeping for more than ten hours!

Has been boiling и have been sleeping – это время Present Perfect Continuous от глаголов to boil, to sleep

Образование времени Present Perfect Continuous:

I/we/they/you have

He/she/it has

Been doing

Мы используем Present Perfect Continuous, когда мы говорим о действии, которое началось в прошлом и недавно закончилось.

Рассмотрим несколько других


– She has been washing her hair, but it may be dry now.

– Bill has been dining with us tonight.

– I’ve just been having such a delightful chat with Margaret.

Мы также используем Present Perfect Continuous, чтобы спросить или сообщить о том, как долго что-то длилось. К настоящему моменту действие, возникшая в прошлом, только что закончилась.

Рассмотрим примеры:

– I have been writing for more than an hour.

– We’ve been staying here nearly a week.

– You have been making excuses for him all your life.

Вы можете использовать Present Perfect Continuous с how long, for и since для описания периодических действий:

– She has been having English lessons since she was five.

– How long have you been playing tennis?

Present perfect continuous