Present Simple / Present Continuous №2

Put the verbs in brackets into the present simple or the present continuous.

Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в настоящем неопределенном или в настоящем длительном временах:
1. A: Why…are you smelling… the soap?
B: It…. lovely. It’s like roses!

2. A: Why…. the soup?
B: To see if it…. good. I think it needs more salt.

3. A: I… very tired.
B: You should go to bed early.

4. A: I… Andy this evening.
B: I… . So, you don’t want to come to the cinema with me, do you?

5. A: How much… ?
B: I don’t know yet. The man…. the bag now.

6. A: I…. about buying a new car soon.
B: Why? I…. your car is fine. You don’t need a new one.

7. A: What…. at?
B: The sky. It…. as if it’s going to rain.


A: I really…. home-made food.
B: So do I, and I… every bit of this meal.

9. A: Why… the radiator?
B: It…. cold in here. Is the heating on?

10. A: That famous opera singe…. at the opera house tonight.
B: Yes. He…. to be feeling better after his operation.

11. A: Chris…. a sensible person, isn’t he?
B: Yes, but in this case he…. rather foolish.

12. A: My dad…. the old blind from the living room in my bedroom today.
B: Really?…. that window?

Ответы к упражнению:

1. A:are smelling B:smells

2. A: are tasting B: tastes

3. A: feel

4. A: am seeing B: see

5. A: does weigh B: is weighing

6. A: am thinking B: think

7. A: are looking B: looks

8. A: enjoy B: am enjoying

9. A: are feeling B: feels

10. A: is appearing B: appears

11. A: is B: is being

12. A: is fitting B: does…fit

13. A: hurts

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Present Simple / Present Continuous №2