The «If» Chain

Смысл игры состоит в том, что ученики по цепочке продолжают сказанное предыдущим человеком, тем самым составляя рассказ. Необходимо повторить концовку последнего говорящего и добавить свое.
Пример. Можно начать разговор отвлеченно:
«This morning when I was going to school I saw a little stray kitten. It was sitting on the stairs and mewing pitifully. And I decided to take it home and now I have a pet at home. I am very happy».
Masha: I have a pet, too. I have a hamster.
Oleg: I have a dog.
Katya: I have a hedgehog.
Teacher: I read a story about a family who had a lion for a pet.
Children: Oh, we know this story.
Teacher: And if I give you a lion cub, what will you do?

Victor: If you give me a lion cub, I shall take it home.

/> Teacher: If you take it home…
Andrei: If I take it home, my mother will see it.
Teacher: And if your mother sees it, she will cry out.
Masha: If my mother cries, our neighbours will hear her.
Pavel: If our neighbours hear her, they will come to our flat.
Jane: If our neighbours come to our flat, they will cry, too.
Katya: If the neighbours cry, the people in the street will come to see what has happened.
Sveta: And if the people come to see what has happened, the lion will get frightened.
Misha: If the lion gets frightened, it will run away.
Victor: If the lion runs away, I’ll run after him.
Masha: If I run after him, the militiaman will stop me.
Oleg: If he stops me, I shall tell him about the lion cub.
Katya: If I tell him about the lion cub, he will help me to catch it.
Victor: If he helps me, I shall catch the cub.
Misha: If I catch the cub, I shall take it home.
Lena: If I take it home, I shall tell my mother not to cry.
Pavel: If my mother doesn’t cry, the lion cub will not run away.
Andrei: If the cub doesn’t run away, it will live with us and will be our pet.
Teacher: All’s well that ends well. Was it interesting?
Children: Yes, very!
Teacher: Did you like the game?
Katya: Was it a game?
Teacher: Indeed, it was, we’ll play it again later. Think of some good beginning.

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