Verb + infinitive

Agree, offer, decide, appear, forget, refuse, attempt, plan, seem, learn, promise, manage, arrange, pretend, dare, threaten, fail, hope, afford, tend. Если за этими глаголами следует еще один, то обычно используется конструкция глагол + to + инфинитив:

– As it was late, we decided to take a taxi home.

– I like George but I think he tends to talk too much.

– How old were you when you learnt to drive?

– They agreed to lend me some money when I told them the position I was in.

Обратите внимание на примеры с отрицанием not to… :

– We decided not to go out because of the weather.

– He pretended not to see me as he passed me in the street.

С другими важными глаголами нельзя использовать форму инфинитив:

– Are you

thinking of buying a car?

– Tom suggested going to the cinema.

Формы continuous infinitive и perfect infinitive обычно используются после seem, appear и pretend:

– I pretended to be reading.

– You seem to have lost weight.

После dare можно использовать неопределенную форму как с to, так и без:

– I wouldn’t dare to ask him. или I wouldn’t dare ask him.

Но после daren’t вы должны употребить инфинитив без to:

– I daren’t tell him what happened.

После глаголов: ask, decide, know, remember, forget, explain, understand можно ставить вопросительное слово + to + инфинитив:

We asked how to get to the station.

Have you decided where to go for your holidays?

Tom explained how to change the wheel of the car.

I don’t know whether to go to the party or not.

Также: show/tell/ask someone what/how/where to do something :

– Can someone show me how to change the film in this camera?

– Ask Jack. He’ll tell you what to do.

Verb + infinitive