At/ on/ in


Мы употребляем at, указывая время: at three o’clock, at sunrise, at night и в следующих выражениях: at midnight, at the New Year, at the time, at the appointed time, at the beginning, at the end, at the week, at the weekends.

– At weekends there is a lot of traffic on the roads.


Мы используем on с календарными датами и днями:

On Monday we go to school.

On Sunday we stay home.

On Boxing Day, on Christmas Day, on the 21 of May, on the first of November.

… и в следующих выражениях: on a rainy day, on somebody’s arrival, on the appointed day, on the eve of smth, on the occasion.


Мы используем in с более длинными отрезками времени : in September, in October, in the 21 century, in 1968, in the 1970s, in the early 30s, или: in the morning, in the afternoon.

Мы также используем in, чтобы сказать как скоро что-то произойдет: in half an hour, in a month.

Мы не употребляем at/on/in перед словами next и last:

Next morning.

It didn’t rain last month.

At/ on/ in