Noun. Singular / Plural forms. №1

Выберите правильный вариант:

1 A: I have a Physics exam tomorrow.
B: Oh dear. Physics Is/are a very difficult subject.

2 A:My office is three miles from my house.
B:Three miles Is/are a long way to walk to work.

3 A: My little brother has got measles.
B: Oh dear. Measles Is/are quite a serious illness.

4 A: Jane looked nice today, didn’t she?
B: Yes. Her clothes Were/was very smart.

5 A: I’ve got two pounds. I’m going to buy a CD.
B: Two pounds Is/are not enough to buy a CD.

6 A: The classroom was empty when I walked past.
B: Yes. The class Was/were All on a school outing.

7 A: Have you just cleaned the stairs?
B: Yes, so be careful. The stairs Is/are very slippery.

8 A: Did you ask John to fix your car?
B: Yes. His advice Was/were that I take it to a garage.

9 A: Did you enjoy your holiday?
B: Yes, thank you. The weather Was/were Wonderful.

10 A:These trousers Is/are Very old.
B: You should buy a new pair.

11 A: How Is/are the company doing lately?
B: Great. We opened up two more branches.

12 A: I am going to travel for two years when I finish school.
B: Two years Is/are A long time to be away from home

Ответы к упражнению:

Is Is Is Were Is Were Are Was Was Are Is Is

Noun. Singular / Plural forms. №1