Past perfect –

Past Perfect Tense образуется при помощи had + past participle.

Мы используем Past Perfect для того, чтобы показать:

1. Что действие было завершено до определенного момента в прошлом:

– I had written a letter by two o’clock.

2. Что одно действие было завершено перед другим действием в прошлом:

– She had already left when I came.

– I didn’t know what I should write. I had never written letters before.

Past Perfect – это прошедшее время от Present Perfect.




I’m not hungry. I’ve just had lunch.

The house is dirty. We haven’t cleaned it for weeks.

I wasn’t hungry. I’d just had lunch.

The house was dirty. We hadn’t cleaned it for weeks.

Сравните Past Perfect и Past Simple:

– Was Mary ready to go to the cinema when you came to her?

– Yes, she had been ready by the moment.

– Jack wasn’t in when I phoned him. He was in his office.

– Jack had just got home when I phoned him. He had been in his office.

Past perfect –