American English

There are a few grammatical differences between British and American English:

In American English the past simple is often used to give new information or to announce a recent happening:

– I lost my key. Can you help me look for it?

The past simple is used with just and already:

– I’m not hungry. I just had lunch.

– `Don’t forget to post the letter.’ `I already posted it.’

Americans use the past simple with yet:

– I didn’t tell them about the accident yet.

In American English the forms I have / I don’t have / do you have? are more usual than `I’ve got / I haven’t got / have you got?’:

– We have a new car.

– Do you have any change?

Americans often use the infinitive in structures with insist/suggest etc.:

– They insisted that we have dinner with them.

– Jim suggested that I buy a car.

American English