Passive Voice №2

Переделайте предложения из страдательного в действительный залог:

1 Her excuse may not be believed by her parents.
…Her parents may not believe her excuse….

2 The painting has been valued by an expert.
3 He likes being given presents.
4 The bill must be paid immediately.
5 Hot water is provided by the hotel 24 hours a day.
6 Our newspaper is delivered by a boy every morning.
7 Her wedding dress will be made by a designer in Paris.
8 The meeting was attended by several important art critics.
9 Preparations are being made by the event organisers.
10 An interesting book has been published by the company.

Ответы к упражнению:

Her parents may not believe her excuse. An expert has valued the painting. He likes when people give him presents. You must pay the bill immediately. The hotel provides hot water 24 hours a day. A boy delivers our newspaper every morning. A designer in Paris will make her wedding dress. Several important art critcs attended the meeting. The event organisers are making preparations. The company has published an interesting book.

Passive Voice №2