Verb + object + infinitive

Want, ask, expect, wish, should/would, like, hate, advise, recommend, allow, permit, help и т. д.

После таких глаголов можно употреблять две конструкции: Глагол + to + Инфинитив и Глагол + Дополнение + to + Инфинитив:

Проанализируйте следующие предложения:

– I want to read this book immediately. = I’ll do it myself.

– I want you to read this book immediately. = You’ll do it.

– She would like to go to the concert. = She will do it herself.

– She would like me to go to the concert. = I will do it.

Будьте особенно внимательны, когда употребляете глагол want. Вы не можете сказать: want that…

C глаголом help инфинитив может употребляться как с частицей to, так

и без нее:

– He helped me to translate the article.

– I helped him type the article.

Tell remind force anable persuade order warn invite teach get. Эти глаголы требуют такую конструкцию: Глагол + Дополнение + to + Инфинитив:

– He warned me not to touch anything.

– Remind me to phone Ann tomorrow.

А вот пример на страдательный залог:

– I was warned me not to touch anything.

В приведенных конструкциях нельзя использовать suggest :

– Tom suggested that I bought a car.

Однако, с некоторыми глаголами инфинитив используется без частицы to: see, hear, watch, observe, notice, feel, let, make.


пассивном залоге глагол make употребляется с частицей to:

– I did not want to do it, but I was made to type this letter.

Просмотри эти примеры:

– We expect you to win.

– She made me cry.

– They want us to help them.

– The parents do not let the boy join his friends.

– Would you like me to go now?

– I saw her enter the room.

– We heard him tell her everything.

Verb + object + infinitive