Subjunctive Mood. Conditionals. №3

Дололните предложения нужной формой глагола:

1. Tom: I woke up to find the room full of smoke; but I knew exactly what to do.
Ann: If I up to find the room full of smoke I no idea what to do.

2. Ann: I couldn’t live without Tom. If he off with another girl I. But I have complete confidence in Tom.

3. Husband: But I’m not going on a diet. Why should I go on a diet?
Wife: If you on a diet you weight.

4. If someone, ‘I’ll give you £500 to go into court and swear that this statement is true,’ what you?

5. If we all night we in time; but we have no intention of working all night.

6. You must never blow out a gaslight. Do you know what if you out a gaslight?

7. A: If I a tiger walking across Hyde Park I a tree.
B: That any use. The tiger after you.

8. If I across two men fighting with knives I the police.

9. Ann: All your clothes

are years out of date. Why don’t you throw them away?
Mary: Don’t be ridiculous! If I my clothes away I to ask my husband for £1,000 to buy new ones.
Ann:If you him for £1,000 what he?
Mary: He too horrified to speak at first. But when he’d recovered from the shock, he probably talking about a divorce.

10. If someone my doorbell at 3 a. m. I very unwilling to open the door.

11. If I a python in Piccadilly I it had escaped from a circus.

12.Tom: The plane was on fire so we baled out.
Ann: I don’t think I the nerve to do that even if the plane on fire.

13. We train the children to file out of the classroom quietly, because if a whole class at the door someone hurt.

14. A:Why don’t you buy a season ticket?
B:Because I lose everything. If I a season ticket I it.

15. Jack:

They get £150 a week.
Tom: They can’t get £150 a week. If they they striking for £120.

Ответы к упражнению:

Woke, would have Went, would die Go, will lose Said, would do Work, will finish Will happen, blow Saw, would climb, wouldn’t be, would climb Come, will call Throw, will have, asked, would say, would be, will start Rang, would be Saw, would assume Will have, were Rushes, will get Bought, would lose Did, wouldn’t be

Subjunctive Mood. Conditionals. №3